Friday, May 23, 2014

The day the wheels came off at Wisely

So far, this week has seen a spate of face-palm appalling behaviour. Stealing chocolate chip cookies from the hands of little girls. Purposefully running over people's toes in ride-on cars. Shutting people in the cupboard beneath a toy sink unit at playgroup. But, you know, I'm working on my issues. Samuel's behaviour has been pretty bad too.

So when Jo suggested a day out at Wisley with her and Cora yesterday, it was just what we needed. Top company, slabs of cake the size of bricks and acres and acres of space to run free with nobody around to annoy or nick plastic aubergines from (why doesn't somebody stop me?). Apart from all the pretty plant action, there's SO much for kids there. A huge adventure playground with an area full of branches and sticks encouraging you to build your own den. An Indiana Jones-style rope bridge that you can use as a trampoline to bounce toddlers off the other end if you jump hard enough (I'm still surprised they didn't ban me there and then). Ducks to chase (I find it difficult to restrain myself, okay?) and all of these cool logs carved to look like crocodiles. I even heard rumours of an indoor soft play area, but we didn't check it out as we remained outdoors in the fresh air, dodging the extremely British showers and hardily eating our lunch under the shelter of a tree. It all felt very Bear Grylls (if Bear Grylls had a dinosaur puddle suit and a copious supply of raisins) and I think we enjoyed our adventure all the more for sticking out the weather. Also, Samuel fell truly, madly and deeply in love with Cora and they even held hands in the car on the way back to the station. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

The only slight issue came by merit of me trying out our new cheap-as-chips Mothercare stroller for the first time and its front wheels falling off before we'd even made it up to Wisley's entrance. But, in the spirit of our gung-ho approach to the day, Jo showed off her survival skills and screwed them back on. It was such a great day and there's been nothing but good behaviour since we've been back. Samuel too.

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