Saturday, May 10, 2014


I've got the painters in. Hang on, why are you sniggering? No, really, our living room is being redecorated so we very literally have the painters in. 

Samuel and I didn't fancy sharing a small flat with workman proffering paint fumes, so we decided on a spell of self-imposed exile at Granny Kate's house. And, believe me, self-imposed exile is always a very good thing when it involves a pantry full of biscuits and Ella's kitchen snacks, a garden to explore, a sandpit, a Keith Richards-style headband, copious amounts of wine and a Eurovision-fest with your mum. And Twitter. Cor, I love Eurovision and Twitter SO much. The only downside is that I've now used up my entire annual stash of half-arsed LOLs and I'm spent til next year. Oh well, here come the baby photos.

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