Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cabled cushion covers for Sis

Well I did say this blog was going to consist of quick notes on slow progress. And for me, knitting is anything but speedy.

When I first took to my needles last summer, my sister asked me to knit her a couple of cushion covers. Here we are a year later and, following various interludes including several months of all-day morning sickness which rendered knitting impossible, I've just finished the second one. I'm loving the result.

Rather than stick with a simple knit stitch pattern, I wanted to challenge myself and give cabling a go. I found the pattern in The Knitting Book – it's my bible. Cabling isn't too difficult once you've got the hang of it. The tricky bit is just working out the charts and sticking to them. I went terribly wrong on the first side of the first cover, but manged to work out that I'd been misreading the chart for a couple of inches, but I corrected it after that. Little Sis doesn't mind, though. And that's the thing about hand knitting. It's the imperfections that make the work special. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

I like these cushion covers so much that I'm tempted to make a couple more for myself soon, perhaps in cream. But that may be a way off since baby knitting has recently hurtled to the top of my agenda. I'm two-months away from my due date for my first child and I really want to take him or her home from the hospital in a blanket that I knitted. It's a race against time!