Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Midwife musings

Giving birth seems like a lifetime ago now. Well, I suppose it was really; Samuel's lifetime. When I think back on it, some parts are fuzzy, some parts are completely - and probably purposefully - blocked out, but other parts I remember with a startling stay-with-you-til-the-day-that-you-die kind of clarity. One such moment came a day or two after Samuel was born when we spent a fleeting morning with a heaven-sent midwife. With a little hug and a lot of kindness, she transformed me from a grubby wreck with no confidence to a clean wreck who was a lot more optimistic about the future. She was awesome. So, when TalkMum asked me to write a post for them about midwives this month, she was the one I banged on about. You can find my piece here.

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