Sunday, February 2, 2014


Another week, another new obsession: a fluffy dressing gown. Samuel grabs it off his radiator and waves it in front of me, shouting until I put it on him, regardless of the time of day. It's all a bit Hugh Hefner. And yet extremely cute. I feel conflicted.

In other news, I get full marks for being an excellent social secretary this week, accompanying Samuel on no less than FOUR play dates (okay so one was in a pub, but it had toys in there, so I think that still counts, right?) and to one baby class. He's going through a really clingy phase at the mo and it takes him a loooooong time to warm up around other kids, but once I've finally prised his fingers from around my neck and he's comfortable, he's a giggle monster. 

One of the play dates was at my cousin Jayne's house in Brentford, which was a big adventure for us. Four trains and no grumbles - amazing. It was wonderful to finally meet Harry, her handsome little ten-month-old. What's more it was great to be reminded that I do have family down here - and incredibly good timing given that I'm missing my mum and sister like mad these days. Exciting plans are afoot for catching up with them soon, though, so everything's rosy. Well, not quite everything; there are the ongoing issues we're having with our freeholders and the nappy changing issues we're having with the boy. Each change resembles a WWE wrestling match, just with less Lycra and more poo. But the less said about these two things the better. The sun is shining and Guy Garvey is on the radio so that'll do. I leave you with a photo of when Harry met SP.

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