Sunday, February 23, 2014

The infinite fabulousness of grannies

I was recovering from norovirus. Samuel was full of cold and ennui thanks to too many indoor days and too much of me. And then my mum appeared and made everything better. 

For the past week or so she has kept us both company and kept us both sane. She sang nursery rhymes, tickled a little tummy, boiled kettles, arranged flowers, sat on see-saws, made M&S runs, and produced crayons and superhero pyjamas out of her incredible Mary Poppins suitcase. Granny Kate really is rather amazing. What's more, she insisted on babysitting and packed me and James off for not just one night out, but two. TWO! Two nights of lipstick and dresses and polished shoes and dinners at dimly-lit tables with conversation that did not revolve around nappy contents or council incompetences. Man, it was good to go out. Hopefully it won't take us another 15 months to do it again.

So, it's been a great few days with Mum. We did rhyme time at the library, followed by a coffee and some banana (nanana) cake. We made two visits to the park which Samuel adored more than ever before. It may have had something to do with his new-found freedom now that he's wearing the baby reigns that Aunty Lucy bought for him (best present ever). Then on Saturday Granny Pat paid us a visit as well, and the little lad was completely giddy with excitement - there was so much granny love and attention going on, I thought that he might explode. 

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