Sunday, January 26, 2014


We've lived in south east London for two and a half years, so we figured a trip to the Horniman Museum was well overdue. We paid it a visit on Saturday morning and it was glorious. Well, its cute little aquarium was, anyway. We didn't get to see much of the actual museum itself since Samuel freaked out somewhere near the jellyfish display and by the time we'd reached rainforest exhibit (complete with gorgeous tropical butterflies eating oranges), he was wailing uncontrollably and needed to be carried out horizontally. 

We made a sharp exit and took a stroll around the museum's gardens with their sweeping views of London and we discovered that a farmer's market was in full swing. We sat outside and grabbed a coffee while Samuel tried to grab a pigeon. He's getting used to running in those little shoes of his and can be pretty speedy when he wants to be. The pigeon was speedier, though.

The sun came out and a stall holder gave Samuel a piece of apple which he loved so much, we bought a whole bag of them before wending our way home. We'll definitely go back soon. 

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  1. Ha bless him! I'd be up for going some time in the future