Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Treasures from Magpie and Hen

When you have a baby you are constantly buying things. 

There are the things that you need. The essential things that you have budgeted for like bedroom furniture, clothes and food. 

Then there are the things that you think you need, but that it turns out you really don't need. Things like the rocking chair you bought for nursing the baby but that the baby hated, so it now just sits in the corner gathering dust. Or that second sling that you need a degree in astrophysics to work out how to use. Or any toy ever that claims to help a baby get to sleep. THEY DO NOT WORK.

And then there are the things you want. The beautiful little things that you shouldn't really splash out on, but that you just KNOW will look super cute on your little one or keep them merrily entertained, no matter how fleetingly. The things that you feel a small pang of guilt about when your other half says, "Where did THIS come from?"

But only a small one.

I found a heap of these gorgeous things on Magpie and Hen, a local Mum's Etsy shop. We're talking pre-loved kitsch and vintage toys and clothes. We're talking 80s rompers and charming wooden pull-a-long ducks and caterpillars. Things that simply make you happy. I wanted the lot, but after much deliberation I settled on some lovely orange stripy dungarees (they're a tad too big for Samuel right now, but he'll be in them before the end of the summer) and a couple of 70s ABC and numbers books with gloriously random pictures that I adore. A wombat wielding a whip, for example. 

I know I definitely need to reign in my online baby shopping. I'll start next week.

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