Thursday, July 18, 2013

The post where I find peace of mind in Euston

If you've read even just a little bit of this blog, you may have gleaned that I'm a bit of a worrier. A neurotic first time mum whose concerns are many and varied. What if Samuel chokes? What if he gets too hot? What if I drop him in the bath? What if I'm watching so many episodes of Homes Under the Hammer that I actually start to think of myself as an property development expert, head to an auction one morning and lose us a fortune?

I'm pretty sure that worrying about all of these things come with the territory when you're a new parent. Apart from, perhaps, the Homes Under The Hammer one. But I figured that rather than stress about all these 'what ifs' and remain in the dark, I'd actually go and suss out what I should do if I ever have to face any of these awful situations. So, bright and early last Saturday I headed up to Euston for a baby and child first aid course run by the British Red Cross. I'm so glad I did.

The full-day course was really informal, really fun, and full of fellow parents, grandparents and parents-to-be who all shared the same concerns as me. It was kind of like a neurotics anonymous, so I felt right at home. It covered pretty much every nightmare scenario you could (and I did) imagine: how to administer CPR, how to tie a sling, how to deal with burns, bleeding, seizures, allergic reactions, choking and so many more. There were loads of opportunities to practice everything that we learned too (there were dummies all over the place), all in an atmosphere that wasn't intimidating in the slightest.

I think that if, like me, you care for a child and your first aid knowledge is patchy at best, then a course like this is 50 quid well spent. I was amazed to realise that first aid is actually really easy and not some form of black magic that only certain people know how to practice. You just need a few pointers in the right direction. I feel pretty confident that I'd know what to do in an emergency now and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't freeze in fear, worrying that I might do more harm than good.

The British Red Cross have also created a free baby and child first aid app which is super handy if you want to brush up on your knowledge. It's well worth downloading. After all, knowledge is power (just not when it comes to buying properties at auction - I must remember that).


  1. I asked my local childrens centre about doing a course when rio was born and their response was 'sadly not enough people are interested in the course for us to hold it' ..I found that shocking and sad! I'm a worrier too, is rio coughs with food in his mouth I rush over like ussain bolt! X

  2. That's so disappointing! It's such a reassuring thing to learn and I can't believe other people don't seem interested. Surely we can't be the only worriers out there! :)

  3. Brilliant advice CC!!! I'm constantly worrying about Suzis Homes Under the Hammer addiction errr I mean learning first aid. I really must sort this out as, like you, Sooz is a terrible worrier, especially when it comes to chocking. Her mum nearly chocked on a grape once (before we met) and now even I'm banned from eating grapes!! I would like to point out though that had the unthinkable happened we would have had to have come up with a more 'exciting' reason for her demise as 'death by grape' just wouldn't cut it.
    Another great post and top advice CC.

    1. Honestly, I can't recommend it enough. Also, all grape worries will be banished for good! (Personally I think grapes are ALWAYS safer when consumed squashed, fermented and bottled).