Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cheers, ears!

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I've had some really lovely and encouraging comments and messages about the blog over the last couple of weeks, so I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks ever so much for reading. Thanks for telling me that it makes you laugh. Thanks for letting me know that it often rings true and that I'm not the only parent who frequently goes out wearing jeans that have been peed on. 

When I was pregnant and when I first became a mum, I was desperate to hear other people's experiences of some of the things that I was going through. I wanted to work out how other mums managed to cope and make things work. I wanted to be inspired and to laugh to be told that things really can and do get better. And I found all of this, and loads more, in some really brilliant blogs. I want to try and do a bit of that sort of thing with Knittenden. And hopefully I'll eventually get around to doing some darned knitting and posting about that too. (And in lieu of having any of my own knitting to post, the picture above is of the gorgeous knitted bunny that Laura made for Samuel. He's a big fan).


  1. I got peed on in the grocery store today (by my son). Just carried on shopping. That's life. If I'm going to be used as a human diaper, it might as well be by the cutest little human alive, right?

    1. Agreed! I don't mind a bit - it's funny how motherhood changes you. Love your blog, by the way!