Monday, July 1, 2013

We went to Westfield and felt like we were on P Diddy's yacht

I didn't expect to find a secret parenting Shangri-la at Westfield Stratford City. I really just expected some kind of poo-related catastrophe that might result in me being blacklisted by every Whistles store in the UK (the poo would be Samuel's, I hasten to add). But, as always seems the case when we get out and about, the experience was far better than I expected.

I went there to meet Laura for lunch. I hadn't been there before and I hadn't taken Samuel on the tube before. Yet again I was nervous, but yet again it was fine. There were lifts all over the place, so getting on and off the tube at Canada Water was a breeze and Samuel took it all in his stride. 

When we arrived at Westfield, a nappy change was required, so I whizzed us over to one of the mall's 'parent rooms'. I just expected a perfunctory flip-down changing table. And that would have been fine. But no! It was like walking into some kind of VIP chill-out area. Bright, tranquil and modern, it had spacious changing pods, private cubicles for breastfeeding, a flat screen TV showing CBeebies, a lovely play area and big comfy sofas for the grown ups. It even had a microwave and bottle warmers. It was so luxurious that I half expected to see P Diddy knocking back some Cristal while watching Mr Tumble. Sadly, I didn't. But, take my word for it, it's impressive enough Diddy or no Diddy.

Laura and I then headed off for a lovely lunch at The Real Greek, and Samuel bounced around on our laps throughout. After that it was time to head home and, amazingly, he snoozed all the way like an angel. Perhaps it's time I raised my expectations.

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