Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You know you're a parent of a toddler when ...

• A small person who looks like you stomps across your picnic blanket, and stamps his sweaty, sandalled foot straight into your pot of houmous before continuing on his way. You grimace for a moment, then shrug your shoulders and dip another mini pitta in the aforementioned houmous.

• Your kid is in bed and you celebrate having got through another hot summer's day by pouring yourselves a couple of glasses of super-strong Pimms (no fruit - you ran out of token strawberries days ago) while discussing who is the most annoying character in The Great Snortle Hunt.

• You are tired, the state of your flat disgusts you, you owe a million people emails, you are meant to be doing an ASDA order and you really should be in bed, and yet you find yourself watching a video on Facebook of an American in a baseball cap showing you how to cut a whole plate of grapes in half in one go and you hear yourself shout out loud, 'game changer!'

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