Monday, June 9, 2014


I'm struggling to keep up the blogging these days. I've a lot of work on - and that's fantastic news - but with the permanent childcare situation still unresolved there's not a whole lot of time for much else (apart from Game of Thrones, of course. Somehow there always seems to be time for Game of Thrones). 

Anyway, when the weekends roll around I rejoice as it means James is around so I can lock myself away and put some serious hours in. And one-on-one Daddy time? Well, Samuel loves it. I left my office (the kitchen table) the other day only to discover the pair of them sitting at either end of the sofa snacking on Malted Milks and rice cakes, each with an iPad next to them. They were chucking around some proper ladz bantz. It was about Justin's House, I think, but bantz nonetheless. 

The thing is, Samuel doesn't just love his Dad, he idolises him. In the mornings he watches intently as James puts gunk in his hair as he's getting ready, then throughout the day all Samuel wants to get at is those pots of gunk. He wants to do his hair like his Dad. He wants to do everything like his dad, really. And why not? I can't think of a better role model for a little man. Apart from the Malted Milk thing, that is, but nobody's perfect I suppose. So, just in case I don't manage to post anything before then, Happy Father's Day, James.

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