Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Oh, we've been having fun together the past few days. When we're out and about Samuel often walks happily alongside me or sits proudly next to me on the train. He listens to everything I say and replies in toddler babble that becomes less and less unintelligible each day. He's great company. 

Yesterday afternoon, he interrupted his game of rolling cars down the ramp of his multi-story car park to run over to me, sprawled out on the floor. He leaped up on my back crawled up my person, laughing his head off, and then gave me a gentle cuddle.

It felt so, so good. But at the exact same time a fist of guilt smacked me right in the gut and almost took my breath away. Tomorrow Samuel starts with a childminder and our 24/7 partnership comes to an end. 

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