Monday, June 23, 2014


It was the week that everything turned on a six-pence. James decided to leave his job and plans to spend the summer with his little dinosaur adventurer (and napping a lot too, I think). We have absolutely no idea what the future holds and yet we are strangely relaxed about the whole thing. Odd.

Maybe my work picking up helps with it all. I'm still working all hours and am shattered but I'm loving it. And I'm loving the freedom of being a freelancer. No ties, no politics, no commute, just me and my laptop. 

And Samuel? Well it's all change for him too. There I was last week, wringing my hands, feeling guilty and worrying about leaving my precious baby with a childminder. And then, of course, after the first day he didn't want to come home. He plays nice, drinks Fruit Shoots and gets to hang out with Millie the dog. And then there's Kevin, his new pal. A year older than Samuel and cool as you like, you can already tell that this is a hero worship relationship just waiting to happen. 

If anyone found the childcare transition hard, it was me. By lunchtime on the first day I was sat at my desk just aching for him. But then I enjoyed yet another mug of hot and uninterrupted coffee, and I soon got over that one. But the thing that I'm not sure I'll ever get used to is knowing that for two days' a week my son has a secret life - one that I'll never be a part of. 

But, as I'm discovering, when you're a working parent, it's all the more important to make the most of the time you have together. So that's exactly what we'll be doing this summer. 

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