Monday, June 24, 2013

Project: garden

There were lots of rubbish things that happened this weekend. We had absolutely no water pressure so I enjoyed what my mother would call a 'character-building' shower. I think the character I built was that of a pork pie, though, because I then had my second driving lesson and the coordination skills I displayed in it of were only equal to those of a stodgy savoury snack. Having said that, my low expectations led me to believe that I'd actually done reasonably for my second lesson up until the point that my instructor said, 'Don't worry - everyone has crap lessons.'

Talking of crap, the worst thing that happened this weekend was Samuel suffering from a horrible bout of constipation. I reckon it must be down to us introducing protein this week. Nothing sucks more than seeing your baby in pain like that. But thanks to a little bit of prune purée he seems to be well on the road to recovery today. I shared my relief, so to speak, with my husband with a text reading, 'the soft poo is back!!!'. Who said romance was dead?

But, before I start to sound like a total Negative Nelly, there was one fantastic thing that happened at the weekend. The gardeners came and sprinkled some magic dust on the overgrown wilderness at the back of our building and we've finally got something that resembles a garden. The grass is patchy (it was seeded in October and doubled up as an all-you-can-eat buffet for all the pigeons in south London) and there's still loads to do, but soon we can have little picnics and games out there. Given that we filmed this video when we moved in two years ago, to show my parents what the garden was like, we're pretty chuffed.

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