Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Samuel is super lucky to have a dad like James.

When I was in a real mess after giving birth, James had to take the reigns with Samuel. He was the first person to hold him, to change him and dress him. He had no experience with babies at all, but he threw himself right in, immediately falling in love with this grumpy little newborn he'd been presented with. 

Since then, his repertoire of fatherly skills has expanded to include pirate voices and monster hands, not to mention providing an excellent baby barber service.

He's a great dad, and he deserved a great first Father's Day. Unfortunately I was in charge of arrangements, so what he got was a walk up a hill in the rain and a quick coffee at Caffe Nero. Mum fail. 

Still, as we pottered around Crystal Palace's triangle we popped into Papagaio, a fantastically retro new toyshop, and James bought a couple of toys to entertain the little man. The biggest hit was a crocodile glove puppet which Samuel giggled at every time it went 'Snap! Snap!' That was a pretty fun way to spend a Father's Day afternoon.

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