Friday, April 11, 2014

Fresh air

We're in that stressful limbo land between a death and a funeral that's all bittersweet memories when you look backward and uncertainties when you look forward. It's hard to watch my Mum's heart breaking and it's hard to feel like I'm being very supportive when I have a toddler in tow. But, actually, the toddler seems to be doing a pretty fine job of lifting spirits himself, and providing a perfect excuse for fresh air and time away from it all. 

Yesterday we visited Chatsworth and its amazing farmyard and adventure playground. If you're a parent with a curious and active child, it's basically Valhalla. Samuel got to sit on a bale of hay and hold a guinea pig called Badger (from their Guinea Pig Village. See? Amazing.). And the first thing he did? He leaned forward and gave it his signature gentle head-butt kiss. Heart melt. 

Gambolling lambs. Rolling hills. Civilised caf├ęs that do a good latte. It was the kind of day that ended with me spending way too much time on Zoopla fantasy house shopping for properties in the Peak District within walking distance of the Chatsworth Farm Shop. If only. IF ONLY!

Today we got our fresh air a little closer to home, visiting a huge local park with a an excellent climbing frame and some old tyres on chains. Passport to delirium for a one-year-old. Cue more baby photos. Sorry.

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