Monday, April 21, 2014


So here's how you know you're the parents of a toddler. It's 11.50am on a Bank Holiday Monday and you've already had a 'lie in', been out for an hour-long woodland walk and you're now standing with your nose pressed against the window of a pub, waiting for it to open in ten minutes. 

Times have certainly changed. Long, leisurely lunches are just memories these days. This becomes evident when the waiter comes over to take your drinks order and you look at the restless child next to you who has dog poo on his jeans and is throwing raisins in the air and you reply, all in one breathe, 'ITHINKWE'REREADYTOORDEROURFOODNOWCANWEHAVETHEFISHFINGERSPLEASE?'

I do love days like this, though. The walk we took was through the cute wildlife area in Norwood Park - it's kind of hidden down next to the train line and is maintained by volunteers keen on bringing a bit of countryside to the city, and it's a gem. Samuel walked most of it himself, hence the dog crap. But I'm really keen on getting him out in nature as much as I can. And, you know. To the pub too.

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