Tuesday, April 1, 2014


James had the day off work yesterday to hang out with us, but things got off to an inauspicious start when we awoke to find we had no water at all. Not a bit. Nada. Turns out that nobody else in Crystal Palace had any water either and there was a real greasy-haired, medieval vibe going on when we looked out of the window at the commuters en route to the train station. 

James suggested we just throw some clothes on and head out to the park sans showers. 'After all,' he said, 'would it really be so bad if, just for one day, you didn't put your make-up on to go out?'

I fixed him with the death stare. 

We didn't go out until after the water had returned several hours later.

The upshot of all of this was that Samuel was absolutely bouncing off the walls by the time we were ready to head out, so our mission was 'Project: Tire Out This Toddler'.

Up in Westow Park we let him run free and then run and run some more. Sitting and standing on roundabouts is not for him - it's far too passive - so what he likes to do is push them around. He must have walked that roundabout around at least 20 times. But did it tire him out? No. Through tunnels he crawled. Up and down the slide he went. He was still full of beans. Me and James were less so thanks to all the running around we were doing after him.  We were shattered. I briefly forgot about how knackered I was, though, when I laughed my head off at James getting bullied by two five-year-olds for hogging the slide and having to hastily dive down it with the grace of a terrified goat. At least we were all clean, though.

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  1. The water thing is annoying, but I'm glad it sorted itself out in the end! Looks like you made the best of the day off though :) xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog