Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday mysteries for a mum on maternity leave

What happened to Samuel's hair overnight?
When he woke up this morning, he had the biggest quiff babykind has ever seen. He looked part Elvis and part Princess Di. Odd.

What is the librarian on?
I love our librarian. At our weekly nursery rhyme group today she led us all in a rousing rendition of Five Little Speckled Frogs as usual. (You know the one. The one where they all sit on a speckled log. And then one jumps into the pool where it is nice and cool. Of course you do.) Afterwards she said this to the wide-eyed assembled throng of under-twos: "I hope that song doesn't inspire any of you to jump into any pools or reservoirs during this hot spell. Because you might die."

What are the Doctors scriptwriters on?
Let me preface this by saying I'm not a regular Doctors viewer. Only sometimes when I'm eating my lunch. And only then when there's nothing else on. I know you don't believe me. Anyway, today it took barmy to new levels with a storyline involving a feral child being discovered in a park in a suburb of Birmingham. Baffling.

What is the council trying to tell me?
We only received one piece of post today. I opened it, as I open every piece of post, with great anticipation. Would it be good news? Would it be profound? But no. It simply contained a leaflet entitled A guide to pest control for Lambeth Living residents. No explanatory letter. So it poses a lot of questions. Why did they send it out? And why to me? Is there a problem with infestations locally? All of a sudden I feel a bit itchy.


  1. "Because you might die!" Hahahaha this whole post has made my Friday! More, more!

    1. She's brilliant - like a Little Britain character. Love your zorbing ball idea by the way. That's a Dragon's Den winner if ever I've heard one!