Saturday, August 10, 2013

The week that was

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week. Monday and Tuesday were mainly taken up with watery issues, these being teething (tears poured down Samuel's little face) and plumbing problems (water from our shower poured down into our downstairs neighbour's little cupboard). Not much fun.

But we were tremendously cheered on Wednesday when Jo visited with Finn, Cora and a beautiful jam jar full of flowers. 

My limited domestic goddess abilities meant that lunch was an 80s-style buffet affair complete with scotch eggs, mini sausages and a Mr Kipling platter. Must try harder. But we had loads of fun. Finn and Cora are delights and Samuel enjoyed playing with the big kids. Finn also created blueprint drawings for a zip wire running from our living room window to our garden. It featured the baby door bouncer, and he was very specific on where pulleys and levers should go. He said that he expects to see the finished construction next time he comes to visit, so I am feeling the pressure.

Thursday was our nursery rhyme group at the library, which Samuel bounced through like a lunatic and grinned at everyone in sight. He wore his new red trousers from Granny Pat which are still a tad too big, so the more he bounced, the more they fell down around his ankles. He looked a little bit Bieber, a little bit hereditary peer.

This week has also seen a new obsession develop for both me and Samuel - In The Night Garden. I am transfixed by the dance they do at the end, because it bears an uncanny resemblance to all of my camp daydreams. How did they get in my head? Was I a Tombliboo in a former life? I pretty much share their dress sense and  sense of rhythm. Samuel, on the other hand, is an Igglepiggle devotee. Whenever he sees that big blue stress-head appear on screen, he smiles the broadest smile. It was with that in mind that James bought him a little Igglepiggle toy. Samuel seemed pretty happy about it, but slightly confused as to why Igglepiggle had shrunk. Well, they do say never meet your heroes.

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