Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chelsea: my first day sans child

Before this weekend, the longest I'd been apart from Samuel was for just a couple of hours while I was getting my roots done at my hairdressers up the road. But this Saturday was all about roots of a different kind as I took my mum to the Chelsea Flower Show for a long-planned day out with no baby in sight.

I was anxious before we set off, lingering around the flat for just a little too long, repeatedly asking James whether he'd be okay on Daddy Daycare and telling him not to forget to feed Samuel his lunch. As if he would. 

But once me and Mum got out of the door, treated ourselves to a latte and hopped aboard the train, I started to feel much more relaxed. And when we got to Chelsea, we had a blast. The sun shone, the flowers dazzled and the show gardens made me think about what might be possible for the overgrown monstrosity outside our living room window. What's more, a couple of glasses of Pimms on an empty stomach made our conversations in the big tent extra entertaining ("That's the thingy that only grows in the wotsit soil," said Mum).

We finished off our visit with a trip to the L'Occitane tent where Mum treated us both to a gorgeous hamper of floral-scented goodies.

When we arrived home, we were greeted by a well-fed, smiley little boy and a far-too-relaxed looking husband.

"He was a delight," said James. "I don't know what you moan about."

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