Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A change of direction ...

So, quite early on I have discovered a flaw in my plan to blog about knitting. That is that I don't actually have time to do any knitting. Bit of a problem.

Therefore I'm shifting the emphasis of this blog slightly, and I'm going to write about my adventures as a new London mum, with the occasional knitting post when I get round to doing some. I know, I know – that'll make this a real thriller for any of my mates without children. And, also for my mates with children, given the sedate and, let's be honest, disgustingly self-indulgent nature of what I'll be posting. Bookmark-tastic!

Still, mumming is what I do now, and writing is the thing I've always done and simply can't imagine not doing, so baby blogging it is. It seems like a good time to start too, since Samuel hit six months last week. The blind panic and sleeplessness of the first few months has subsided. We're getting out a lot locally. We do the park, the nursery rhyme group at the local library, Monkey Music and coffee with our Palace pals. The idea of taking baby and buggy on public transport, or even out of SE19, terrifies me. However, I feel just about ready to be released back into society and get exploring the city as a mum, so let's see how we get on. I'll post about where we go, what we do, and write some general baby stuff too.

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