Thursday, March 27, 2014

More mum talk

So it's friendship month over on TalkMum and I put together a little post about how much I got out of joining my NCT group – you can find it here if you're so inclined. Honestly, those girls have genuinely helped me to get through the past 16 months and I'd thoroughly recommend NCT classes to anyone. Well, anyone expecting a baby. Other people mightn't find it so great.

The only downside to doing NCT classes is that you have to sit through a breastfeeding class in a UPVC conservatory, watching a fervent lactivist demonstrating feeding with the aid of a Dora the Explorer doll. Oh yeah, and there's also that thing where you become so friendly within your group, and all the other NCT groups in your area become super pally within theirs, that it can get very cliquey and become pretty difficult to make friends beyond your small circle. For an introvert like me it sometimes has that whiff of secondary school all over again. But these are both small grumbles. NCT has been great for me and good for Samuel too.

And while I'm on the subject of talking about mum things, here are some unrelated discoveries that I've made over the past day or two:

• Having a toddler is a lot like having a dog. They need regular walks otherwise they go bonkers indoors and ruin the furniture. Grey post-nap skies are the nemesis of the toddler mum.

• Going for a smear test counts as decadent me-time when you are the mum of a toddler. All those moments to yourself while sitting in the doctors waiting room. What joy!

• The phrase 'face-plant'. People have said this to me twice in two days and that's because Samuel has landed face-first in gravel twice in two days after trying to run too fast. I think there will be many more face-plants to come.

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