Monday, December 23, 2013


No posts for a while. I guess that's because December has been pretty busy. And that is in no small part due to the fact we now have a bona fide toddler. Samuel's walking has come on in leaps and bounds this month and he's everywhere and into everything. To see him walk from the sofa to the toy box like a determined little old drunk makes me prouder than I could ever have imagined. But a nice sit down? Well that's definitely a thing of the past.

What else? Well the party season has been good to us. James has had various work nights out and I've broken the habit of a lifetime (Samuel's lifetime) and had a couple of nights out myself. And guess what? The world did not stop spinning because James did Samuel's bedtime bottle, and nor did Samuel suffer for my absence. If anyone suffered after V's birthday at The Elk in the Woods, it was me as a 1am bedtime isn't, it turns out, compatible with an energetic and early-rising baby. But I loved going out with my friends that night. I loved wearing a dress, getting a tube at night again and  being the person that I used to be. And it was the same last week when I met up with L for a preview screening of Inside No.9, the new show from half of The League of Gentlemen. That it was hilarious and chilling goes without saying, but the thing I really loved was just being out in the evening with a friend at a cinema (a CINEMA! What a novelty!) and just knowing that I can do this stuff again. 

Other things that have happened this month. Well, afternoon mince pie visits aplenty from good pals. Also, James, Samuel and I went to check out the new Crystal Palace Market restaurant one Sunday and it was glorious. Chilled out, quick and baby friendly - everything we want in a restaurant these days. What's more, we ate the most delicious burgers. We went along with some good friends and their kids who we've only really got to know since we had Samuel. I think if there's one thing I've realised this month - and probably this whole horror show of a year (which continues thanks to a leaking roof, but that's another story) - it's that we really are blessed with some excellent friends. And I know that some of them - some of you - read this silly little blog, so I just want to wish you the best Christmas. You rock. Yes, you.

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